Dysport Vs. Botox BLOG

In this blog, we will compare Dysport Vs. Botox to look at their similarities and differences, educate our readers, and provide guidance on which may be best for your specific needs! Dysport & Botox are both neuromodulators that have been approved by the FDA for minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. They are equally safe, and both work via the same mechanism. Both temporarily paralyze muscles of the face, which result in reducing wrinkles and smoothening the skin.
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Dysport is a neuromodulator like Botox and works by temporarily paralyzing muscles. When your muscles relax, the normal wrinkles that are formed by repeated muscular movements are minimized. Dysport is injected to treat moderate to severe wrinkles. At Envy, we can use Dysport to treat both fine lines as well as deep lines. The ‘11’ lines between the eyebrows are commonly the face’s deepest wrinkles most typically treated with Dysport. Results last from 3-4 months followed by maintenance treatments. With our unique dilution and injection techniques, Dysport lasts just as long as Botox. Some clients even say that it lasts longer than Botox!


Botox works the same way Dysport does. It blocks nerve signals to your muscles, which results in a more relaxed and softer-looking appearance. Known as the ‘lunchtime’ procedure, Botox injections require no downtime. It is more frequently used to treat small areas. The exact amount or number of units needed depends on the area and severity of the wrinkles.


Dysport when injected diffuses into larger areas, meaning it spreads further away from the injection site. This makes Dysport ideal for treating larger areas, like the forehead, as fewer injections are needed to target a larger treatment area. Because of the greater spread and coverage, Dysport usually comes out as the less expensive option with the benefits of longer lasting results. On the other hand, when Botox is injected, it stays put in the area making it optimal for treating smaller, more targeted areas around the lips and eyes.
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Overtime, we all develop fine lines & wrinkles in specific areas of our faces due to repeated facial movements and expressions. Both Dysport & Botox address fine lines and wrinkles by relaxing the muscles to a point where it prevents them from contracting causing those fine lines and wrinkles. Both neuromodulators are temporary, lasting anywhere between 3 to 4 months.


One big difference between these neuromodulators is results onset, that is how soon results are visible. With Dysport, patients may begin to notice results in as little as 24 hours after treatment. With Botox, final results may not be noticeable until 72 hours or longer. The differences come down to really the injector and how they analyze the face & strength of the muscle, quality of the skin and how deep the lines are.  

Let Envy’s experienced injectors help you maintain positive results with maintenance treatment sessions every 3 to 4 months depending on your needs!