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So let’s be honest…the thing about facial and body hair is that it always comes back. Fear not! Laser hair removal is one of the best non-invasive procedures to remove unwanted body hair. Follow our laser hair removal tips to achieve amazing results.
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What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a procedure to remove unwanted hair on your body. Here at Envy Med Spa, we use state-of-art laser technology: Deka Motus Laser! With the advanced technology of the Deka Motus featuring a sapphire tip cooling, Envy Med Spa can treat all skin types safely and effectively. The most common areas are:

Is laser hair removal safe?

Laser hair removal is usually safe and effective for most people. It is one of the top five most popular non-invasive procedures. Only an experienced healthcare provider/ certified laser specialist should perform the procedure.

Will I need multiple treatments?

Yes! You will most likely need anywhere from 4 to 6 treatments. Sessions are usually about 6 weeks apart. This allows it to capture more hairs in different growth phases.

Do you use any topical anesthetic before the treatment?

No! With the state-of-the-art sapphire cooling tip plus Moveo technology, no topical pain control is needed.

Moveo delivery is the technological breakthrough that made the Deka Motus device synonymous with pain-free laser hair removal for all skin-types. Moveo technology uses simple, continuous movements over a small area gradually delivering a precise dosage of energy to the targeted tissue without damaging the surrounding skin. The cooled sapphire tip on the Motus makes treatments safe and completely comfortable! This makes the treatment safer and much more comfortable!

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Always remember to shave

Since laser hair removal uses light energy converted into heat, this treatment burns hair away. While this isn’t particularly painful when the hairs are short, longer hairs can cause more heat on the skin and can be more painful to remove. Shaving before your laser hair removal will make the process much more comfortable while also delivering fantastic results.

No plucking or waxing!

Sure you want the hair length to be short but the root of the hair still needs to be intact. In order for laser hair removal to strategically damage the hair follicle and prevent future hair growth, heat needs to transfer down the root of the hair. If you wax or pluck beforehand, the root of the hair will be missing, the hair follicle will not receive enough heat thus the treatment will not work as well.

Avoid UV Rays

Avoid sun exposure as much as possible and do not use tanning beds for 2 weeks leading up to your laser hair removal. It is best to keep the treatment area protected from UV rays to reduce potential skin sensitivity.

Discuss Your Medications

Our laser specialist performing the treatment will need to know if you are taking any antibiotics, blood thinners, birth control, acne medication, or topical creams, as these may make your skin more sensitive. We thoroughly discuss the use of antibiotics during Laser Hair Removal treatment as some of them cause sensitivity to light including laser light.Informing us about your medication use will help us adjust the treatment to better accommodate you and be gentler on your skin.

Here at Envy, our trained professionals provide excellent guidance, tools, and support to help you succeed in achieving meaningful, long-lasting results!