Happy 4th of July! 
Stay Safe In The Sun BLOG

The 4th is right around the corner! As we all hop into our pools, run our grills and celebrate America, let’s revisit the most important skincare tips on how to practice sun safety this summer!

Smart sun safety practices should include the application of sunscreen not only for yourself but also your entire family. With older family relatives and young children around, it is imperative to safeguard them from dangerous UV rays exposure.

Why is Sun Exposure So Dangerous?

You may wonder from time to time why is it so important to protect your skin from sun exposure? Well the reason is UV rays (UVA + UVB). Increased levels of sun exposures can cause your skin to produce more melanin. This translates into getting that “natural tan” look. However, this tan is the response to the actual burning of your skin due to the UV rays. This can cause early signs of aging and eventually lead to a higher risk of skin cancer in all skin types. Hence, it is IMPORTANT to get your sunscreen on before jumping in those pools or relaxing by the grill this Holiday season!

How Should I Protect Myself?

You should always wear broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF of 30 or higher. There are many different types of broad-spectrum sunscreens available in today’s market that cater to all skin types. Another excellent way to protect your skin head-to-toe is to wear protective clothing during the summertime. Examples would be loose fitting long sleeve shirts, long pants, and most importantly a broad-brimmed hat! You can also incorporate protective clothing that offers specific broad-spectrum coverage as well. Another major way to protect your face, especially your eyes and the delicate skin around it, is to wear appropriate protective eyewear. Sunglasses that help block both UVA and UVB rays are very helpful! As always, remember to take advantage of that SHADE anywhere and everywhere possible…especially in this Texas heat!

What Should I Do To Protect Seniors & Children?

Young kids and older adults should not be out in the sun for prolonged periods of time. It is best practice to allow them to be outdoors in shorter time increments. If your children are meant to be outdoors for long periods of time, ensure to lather them in broad-spectrum sunscreen from top to bottom. You can always start introducing protecting clothing at an early age, encouraging them to be more diligent about protecting themselves from possible sun exposure. Seniors and children alike should have UV protective sunglasses. Always, Always, Always reapply sunscreen every 2 hours or sooner if children are swimming or getting sweaty from outdoor sports.

We hope you enjoyed these quick tips on how to stay safe in the sun this 4th of July! Don’t let sun exposure and sunburns ruin your Holiday. Practice smart sun safety and enjoy your time with your loved ones. Our team at Envy wishes you all an incredible Happy 4th of July!!