Chemical Peels

Enhance cell turnover and improve skin texture

Chemical Peels

Enhance cell turnover and improve skin texture

Versatile peels that cater to your skin needs!

Administered by skincare professionals, chemical peels work by exfoliating the skin’s surface to reduce the appearance of blemishes, smooth skin texture, improve radiance, and restore skin health. Most effective at enhancing cell turnover and improving the appearance on the surface of the skin.

SkinCeutical Chemical Peel advantages:


Even a superficial chemical peel may produce a tingling sensation on the skin. However, this mild discomfort will typically subside once the peel solution has been neutralized. Deeper peels can feel quite active and may require the application of a numbing cream beforehand. The goal is to create a controlled, safe injury to the skin, thereby prompting skin to naturally repair itself and reveal newer, brighter skin.

Immediately after a chemical peel, skin becomes more photosensitive. It is absolutely necessary that a broad spectrum sunscreen is applied daily post treatment, and that sun exposure is avoided or kept to a minimum.

The two types we offer are glycolic and TCA chemical peels.

Skin peeling varies from patient to patient depending on the type of chemical peel that was used.


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